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About us 

We’re Crazy About Isan Food

Isan is the Northeast region of Thailand so when talking about Isan food is one of the most widely eaten variations. Isan food has a unique characteristic that all dishes mostly consist of herbs, spices, fermented ingredients as well as many selections of protein. Across Thailand you can find Isan food every corners. Som Tum (papaya salad) is the most renowned dish of the region, but there are so many more mouthwatering Isan dishes for you to experiencing it.

Who we are and our inspiration

Isan Zaap Thai cafe was founded by three friends who were born and raised from Isan region. They have different backgrounds on the career path, but most of them already are involving in the food and restaurant industries. The most important thing that they have in common is they have deep passion for foods. Food is a big culture in Thailand, it shows the welcome, cares and love. We proudly to present the authentic Isan food, we would like spread out our unique love to everyone. We also give much details, the quality of the ingredients and extremely caring on every dishes we serve. We will cook and treat you like we would treat our families. Hope to see you soon.